Founded in 1984 by designer Roberta Salton, Baby Beau & Belle has produced some of the most beautiful baby special occasion outfits available anywhere today. Each collection and accessory is designed using soft and comfortable 100% cotton fabrics and knits, 100% silk and typically embellished with Venice laces, Swiss embroideries, French ribbons and hand-made silk and satin rosettes with pearl, shell or satin buttons, completing the outfit.

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Roberta: "As a young girl, I loved to look at childhood photographs of my grandmother and great aunt. I was very close to them and inspired in me a love for beautiful things. My grandmother was a wonderful artist who enjoyed using watercolors to paint children at play as well as elegant women in long flowing gowns. This motivated me to take up fashion designing. I now design dresses, jumpsuits and beautiful infant wear. As a tribute to my grandmother Belle, we named our company Baby Beau & Belle."


Baby Beau & Belle was founded by designer Roberta Salton in 1984 in her quest to produce some of the most beautiful designer baby clothes available. Each of the collections is meant to be nearly as beautiful as the little ones who wear them. Each dress, jumper and accessory is designed and created using soft and comfortable 100% cotton fabrics and knits and 100% silk. Each outfit is adorned with Venice laces, Swiss embroidering, French ribbons, delicate beading and hand-made rosettes of satin and silk. Buttons of satin, shell or pearl match the precious elegance fitting for a first birthday dress, wedding or special family event. These collections of designer baby clothes are handmade with care using high quality materials.

As a young girl, Roberta Salton was enchanted by the baby photos of her grandmother and great aunt. She was further inspired by artistic watercolors painted by her grandmother, Belle. Images of elegantly dressed women in long flowing gowns and children at play motivated Salton to discover the world of fashion design and recreate the innocence and excellence of beautiful baby gowns and outfits for everyday celebrations.

Baby Beau & Belle was named in honor of her grandmother's inspiration for capturing the classic elegance for a first outing, first birthday dress or first wedding.